Shape your planet thanks to the power of terraforming. Every decision you make will result in the evolution and improvement of your environment. Every planet can be improved, but beware: you must weigh your decisions carefully if you want to create a home for your people.



Through exploration, you can build a life on the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Search for the unknown whether it's a hidden outpost, an abandoned ship, or a beautiful sunset –only by exploring you will see what waits beyond the event horizon.



As soon as you have created and shaped your home planet, your solar system is waiting for you. Colonize planets and create values that can only be found in this blockchain-based gaming platform built to enable and support an open, cash-in/cash-out economy for digital assets.



Build entire civilizations on distant planets. Create values. Ally with other players of the alpha community who are also involved in the creation of  Universe Game. But hurry. Soon the best planets will be distributed among the pioneers.


your universe